Snow Down

How to Play Snow Down

Snow Down is a two player redemption game with video assist. The object is to be the first player to fill your tube up with the most snow. There are five different levels in each player tube where a different value of tickets can be won if the players reaches that level. Attaining each level allows the player to win more tickets. If a player fills the entire tube within the allotted time - the will win the bonus ticket value. During the game, there are several features available to help the player achieve this goal including the "SNOW DOWN" button and "BLIZZARD" button. When a player pushers the BLIZZARD button, all the fans on their side turn and blow the snow around at a rapid pace - which fills their tube faster. A "SNOW DOWN" button is also available where the player can push that button and drop the snow in the opponent’s tube. As players only have limited use of these features during game play - it becomes a strategy on when to incorporate them. The player with the highest value at the end of game play wins!

The game may also be played by one player where the goal is to try and fill the tube in order to win a higher value of tickets. The game features fully programmable score values for both sides and a convenient menu feature to quickly make changes to the game play including the use of bonus features.

Game Features

Snow Down is Jennison Entertainment Technologies 'Coolest' game on the market! This game encompassess more than two years of research and technology from our family company to successfully take this concept and make it a reality. It is our first detailed video redemption machine and was desgined using Human Factors, Ergonomics and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) rules to immerse the customer/player into a fun and interactive world. Snow Down is the first game on the market to actaully encourage customers to improve their skills against their opponents by the introduction of the 'Snow Down' effect and be rewarded for their efforts. The 'Snow Down' effect allows a customer to strategically 'dump' the competitors 'snow' which allows for some unique game play where timing is everything.

In additon to various one of a kind operator options we also took the engineering to the next level making sure any service that would be done to this game was a breeze. We introduced a first in the industry patents pending mechanical lift system to simplify installation and thought of every motion an operator or service person may have to take ensuring a single free hand could do the job.

The game itself was conceived as a collaboration between our family and our very select irreplaceable team members. Character design, styling, colors took notice of a global marketplace making sure Snow Down will be loved and played by all religions, backgrounds, and demographical differences. J.E.T. further increased saftey by following European Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), CE, TUV, and UL22 guidelines during our supplier research and manufacturing.


Power Requirements
110 / 220 Volts