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Jennison Entertainment Technologies

Jennison Entertainment Technologies (J.E.T.) is a family enterprise, with roots in manufacturing and aviation. Justin (Chief Executive Officer) and Kern (Chief Operations Officer) began their careers in coin-op working as technicians during high school at a local family fun center in central Florida. While working, the two also became operators of redemption equipment that included several large entertainment centers in Florida. They expanded independently into distributing kiddie rides, cranes, and some redemption equipment throughout Florida and the Caribbean. This prompted the formation of JennTech Unlimited Corporation, the parent company of J.E.T. The bulk of the initial business was designing entertainment centers which included everything from small game rooms in central Florida to entertainment centers in Kuwait.

After completing advanced degrees in Aeronautical Engineering, Education, Business, and Human Factors Psychology – the duo applied their scientific knowledge and analytical training to the family entertainment industry. JET games are known for their depth of play, attention to detail, and quality. Development is based on research with demographics of all abilities and challenges, physical and emotional, offering each player the optimum opportunity for self reward and continued enjoyment. JET offers unique ideas and affordable games that are consistent in revenue earning.

Each client’s needs are assessed and addressed in an individual manner to insure the maximum satisfaction with each purpose. Older brothers Peter (Chief Legal Counsel), Jason (Creative Director), father Dean (President), and mother Cheri (Events Coordinator) complete the family team.

JET appreciates the companies that have come before us; “we respect the giants of the industry and admire them”. We appreciate the respect we have received from manufactures and distributors around the world. As we go forward, we continue our commitment to our mission statement and values, and we will continue to provide challenging, quality, affordable entertainment for families.

Jennison Entertainment Technologies

Asia is perhaps the strongest market in the world in regards to the demand for redemption or video games. More games ship each month from Asia manufactures than ship all year from many western manufactures. Jennison Entertainment Technologies (JET ASIA) currently works with multiple manufactures in Asia as their design partners. JET ASIA provides perspective manufactures with initial game concepts, full game design specifications, engineering prints, game graphics, and game sounds. JET ASIA oversees the entire production of the units at each factory ensuring that the design meets strict International quality standards. Our team can even provide RoHS testing either at your factory, or your local supplies to ensure games sold to their customers meet EU standards. Our staff will train your production line on quality standards and work to increase productively. Many JET designed games are eventually sold to manufactures in the U.S., Europe, or South America. For more information regarding this service, please send an email to JETASIA@JennisonGames.com